Our Products

Every one of our suppliers is special. We know that working as a producer, whether it’s in agriculture or the seafood industry, takes a lot of energy, skill, and grit. It is for that reason that we appreciate the fisheries and farms that we work with to provide the best products possible.

Below you will find a condensed list of products that we sell.  For more information, please reach out to us and we will happily assist you in any way we can.


Baffin Island Turbot  •  Baffin Island Char  •  Sablefish  •  Halibut  •  Cod •  Haddock •  Herring •  Whole Capelin •  Wet Salted Pollok & Saithe •  Mackeral •  Bullet Tuna •  Herring •  Redfish •  Monkfish •  Illex Squid •  Flounder & Sole •  Pacific Rockfish Frames


PEI Oysters  •  Nova Scotian Lobster •  Cold Water Shrimp  •  Snow Crab  •  Jonah Crab  •  King Crab  •  Rock Crab  •  Ecuadorian White Shrimp • Half Shell Scallops • Whole Cooked Whelk


Land Based Proteins  •  Grassfed and Organic Beef  •  Black Spanish Truffles

Japanese Lobster Dish
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Lobster Cesar - Cocktail zoom
Lobster Pasta - Full table
Lobster Bunch Zoom
Japanese Lobster Dish 2