From Land To Sea

While R&D specializes in Seafood, our familiarity and fondness for other sectors has not gone unabated. Having worked on farms and in cattle plants in Canada, we have grown to appreciate and admire the companies and individuals that help fill our kitchens with an infinite assortment of goods. It is for this reason, that we embrace opportunities to work with a wide spectrum of suppliers that stretch across our oceans and continents. Food brings us together and our goal at R&D is to help facilitate that possibility.

Where Do You Want To Go


As a result of working directly with fisheries and partners across North America, R&D has been able to leverage an extensive network of suppliers from coast to coast.  Whether you are looking for lobster from Nova Scotia, Oysters from PEI, or Turbot & Arctic Char from Baffin Island, we can help.

For suppliers who are looking to bring their unique offerings to the market, we are always available for you.  We’ve worked in your operations, we understand the challenges you face, and know the satisfaction of bringing a great product to the market.  If we can be of help, please let us know.


Beef and vegetables will always have a place in our hearts.  We know the space well and work with producers in both sectors.  Depending on your need, we can provide local produce of the highest caliber and/or provide delicious organic beef in any format.  If you’re looking for a home for a different category, we welcome the conversation and tasting something new.


We welcome all conversations and are
always excited about tasting something new.