From land to sea

While R&D specializes in Seafood, our familiarity and fondness for other sectors has not gone unabated. Having worked on farms and in cattle plants in Canada, we have grown to appreciate and admire the companies and individuals that help fill our kitchens with an infinite assortment of goods. It is for this reason, that we embrace opportunities to work with a wide spectrum of suppliers that stretch across our oceans and continents. Food brings us together and our goal at R&D is to help facilitate that possibility.

What we do

At R&D, it’s our job to look for the best suppliers on the market, vet them and ensure that they deliver their product on spec and time. Regardless of whether you’re looking for cattle from the prairies or Lobster from the East Coast, we know the ranchers/fishermen, the abattoirs/processing plants, and carriers that will reliably and consistently supply you with what you’ve ordered.

Our Products

At R&D we work with an extensive list of suppliers from around the world and what they do is extraordinary. Come take a peek and let us show you what we have to offer.

Let us start looking for your solution today.